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Hi Peggy,

I appreciate your getting a hold of me. I had heard of the club but never got the full info on it. Take a look at and give me the clubs extended contact info so that I can build a listing that fits the format shown there for the other clubs (we list by county first).


I have added your address to both our general E-News List and the Club/Advocate list for higher-level communication usually to do with advocacy. Iím glad to have you on board and Iíll try to bring you up to speed with whatever you request. Spend lots of time at our web site to start including a private area of documents of value to clubs and advocates which is at


And any way you can manage to support NYSORVA by donation but more importantly by your tangible participation in its work will be most greatly appreciated!


Alex Ernst

Communications Director


PO Box 250

Clarksville, NY  12041

Fax 775-361-1342